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About GVU

콘크리트 벽
Our Vision

Why do we need a new Christian university called Glocal Vision University (GVU) in 2023? First of all, it is because after Covid 19 we need a new university that globally provides a different online education platform and programs to students in the world. Today, through this online education we can reach everyone who can use the Internet beyond regional barriers. It means that now we need a new type of university that can reach students in the world who needs education. Therefore, GVU aims to provide the best online education to students in the world. 


Secondly, we launches GVU because we need a new university that is not only global in its teaching but local in its practice in the field where students are living and working now. Thus, GVU will seek to be “glocal” in its purpose, platform, and programs of the school, and to equip students to be glocally minded in every process of program such as taking courses, making research, and writing papers. Students ought to learn how to think and act with glocal mind in seeking to integrate global and local perspectives. For this, both teachers and students will seek to understand how global and local forces intersect and impact one another, and how theology can be contextualized and applied in local contexts by engaging in an active dialogue between different cultures and traditions, as well as to focus on issues of social justice and community engagement. 


Thirdly, GVU commits itself to nurturing the new Christian leadership in non-western world in a different way in its belief that the church should seek to be actively engaged in the work of God's mission both locally and globally. For this, GVU will explore how to implant and develop glocal missional churches in different regions. Not only it will seek to be a community that is rooted in its local context with a deep understanding of the needs and challenges of the people and culture, but it will try to be connected to the wider global community of faith. Such a glocal missional church is characterized by its commitment to intercultural and interfaith dialogue and collaboration, working together to address common challenges and promote the common


With such vision and goals, GVU is now launching two schools: the School of Missional Theology and Practice (SMTP) and the School of Christian Music and Performance (SCMP). SMTP is to focus on nurturing missional church leaders and developing missional churches in the non-western world, with its programs of Master of Missional Church Studies(MMCS), and Doctor in Missional Church Studies (DMCS). And SCMP is to focus on educating Christian musicians and planting Christian music schools in the non-western world, with its own master and doctor programs. 

In a nutshell, GVU is online-based, open to all students in the world, and glocal in its purpose, with its emphasis on the mission of the church. 

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