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Message from President
Dr. Seong Sik Heo


Welcome to GVU!


Hi, my name is Seong Sik Heo. It is my great pleasure and honor to serve this wonderful school, "Glocal Vision University " as its first president. Above all, I would like to express my deepest thanks and glory to God for starting this school by pouring God's wisdom and knowledge into the hearts of God's servants who devoted themselves to the missions of God. Taking the new educational environment that emerged after Covid-19 as an opportunity, GVU aims to provide the best Christian education to students who can take classes in English, particularly in the non-western world.

When we prepared for this new ministry with GVU, we decided about how to run this school with the heart of God. First, we've decided that GVU is not for business. And secondly, we've decided that GVU does not aim to seek its own glory. And GVU will focus on raising a small number of students as faithful workers of the kingdom of God. With such goals as a new school, GVU will provide the best online education to students with the best professors. The faculty will also be made up of a small number of dedicated teachers. And finally, as GVU is a small online university for a small student body with a small faculty, it will provide full-tuition scholarships to all students in all master's and doctoral programs. We welcome any student who wants to study with us at GVU.  

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