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School of Missional Theology and Practice

Courses in Master of Missional Church Studies /Doctor in Missional Church Studies

MTP601, Introduction to Missional Church Studies

MTP610, Missional Reading of the Gospel of John

MTP611, Missional Reading of Luke-Acts

MTP612, Missional Reading of Pauline Letters

MTP620, Readings on Lesslie Newbigin

MTP621, Missional Theology in Glocal Context

MTP630, History of Christian Missions: Global 

MTP631, History of Christian Missions: Local

MTP641, Practices in Missional Church

MTP642, Dialogue with Other Faiths in the Missional Church 

Courses in Doctor in Missional Church Studies

​MTP900, Field Research (1)- History

MTP901, Field Research (2)- Religion and Christianity

MTP902, Field Research (3)- Church and Society

MTP903, Field Research (4)- Mission and Unity

​MTP910, Missio Dei in the Missional Church 

MTP911, Readings on Newbigin Studies

MTP912, Readings on Missional Church Discussion in GOCN 

MTP913, Conversion in Missional Church

MTP914, Issues on Powers and Principalities

MTP915, Christendom Debate


MTP920, Planting a Glocal Missional Church 

MTP921, Evangelism and Witness in the Missional Church

MTP922, The Ministry for the Disabled in the Missional Church 

MTP923, Diaspora and Missional Church 

MTP930, Doctoral Dissertation 

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