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Prospective Students

Welcome to GVU!

Glocal Vision University welcomes all students from all places in the world, particularly from non-western regions. Prospective students may want to consider the following factors when evaluating whether GVU is the right fit for them. And GVU also wants to educate and nurture the future leaders of church music in non-western contexts, so that they will be able to produce their own Christian music that is globally interpreted but locally contextualized. Prospective students should research the university's academic programs to ensure that they align with their interests and career goals.

Academic programs:

GVU may offer a wide range of courses in two professional schools. GVU wants to educate and nurture the future leaders of missional churches in non-western contexts, who will learn about how to plant and grow up local churches in their own context to be missional in their theology and practice.

  • Master of Missional Church Studies (MMCS) .is for students with a bachelor' s degree with or without a background in theological studies. 

  • Doctor in Missional Church Studies (DMCS). is for students who need a doctoral degree., after finishing any master level degree in theological studies (M.A./M.div/ Th.M.).


In GVU, prospective students will be taught by top-notch professors in the area of missional church studies and in church music. 


Financial Aid:

All prospective students in master's and doctoral degree programs will be given full scholarships during the program period. 


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